Inito Urban Indian

Our brief from Inito was to create a new fast-casual dining concept that evoked the "Traveller’s" view of India. Following on from our insights on street food and pop up retailing, we developed an experience aligned to the bustling street kitchens of India.


After careful value engineering, the concept evolved to embrace recycled materials with the vibrant spirit of Indian street food. Studio Fox oversaw all concept development and detailed design work, project managing the tender and build process.

Concept 'Urban Chaos'

'Urban Chaos' is a concept with a narrative based on a busy Indian street scene. The central runway takes the customer on a journey through Mumbai.  The booth seating takes inspiration from TukTuks. The perimeter walls are influenced by building facades with advertising posters and mesh canopies shading from the sun. Wayfinding signage is based on street signs.